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Check out Patricio Cassinoni’s ‘Common People’ exhibit

Artist Patricio Cassinoni launched a brand new exhibition this month which is on show in Mish Mash on Capel St till December 15th.
Regular people, common people are the themes of Patricio Cassinoni’s new photographic project, a series of staged portraits.

In Patricio’s own words, “it’s a photograph of a regular and anonymous person, one from the majority, portrayed for no other reason than their presence in the world, using an aesthetic borrowed from Classical, Renaissance or Baroque painting and placing this person in a spot they were unlikely to occupy”.

The exhibit was previously on display at ArtPhoto Barcelona and on the works, Director Isabel Lazaro Garcia described the series:

”On one hand, there is the historical aspect of the portrait. Patricio asks, for whom were the portraits made and why, with what notoriety and relevance of their exceptional status to the future generations. This was a noble selection which excluded so many individuals leaving no trace of their appearance. Not quite like today when it has been pushed to another extreme with the democratisation of image and its overwhelming presence everywhere.

It is to make anonymous people relevant. Through dramatic light and economical use of references, the person is illuminated and revealed in front of us – at the same time familiar and exceptional.

But it is not only about making common people the protagonists of a work of art. It is also about engaging common people who participate in the art world to come up with their own meaning without any bias or prevailing convention. Thus comes the second thread of the project and the second question posed by Patricio: who is art for?

The element unifying all the pieces is a bare breast. This second protagonist of the project leads us to think about the politics around the representation of body in visual culture and the moral code associated with it throughout the history of art. It is to reflect on the fact that these ethical values are not static and public perception varies with it.

Classical art regularly saw the naked body, or parts of, exposed. In today’s culture which is almost synonymous with social media, a naked feminine nipple has been censored. This happens in a culture which sexualises Woman’s nipple and generates inequality. We face consequences of mal-digested legacies and create taboos in the age of communication and freedom of speech. These are some contradictions that echo in our society through something as basic and complex as portrait and nudity.”

Common People is on show at Mish Mash, 66 Capel St Dublin 1, Monday-Sunday 8am- 8pm up until December 15th. Click here to check it out.

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